• Cable Park

Dakhla Attitude Cable Park

DAKHLA ATTITUDE CABLEPARK was officially launched in March 2014, during the PKRA DAKHLA 2014, sponsored by Dakhla Attitude. All the pro-riders accompanied us in unforgettable sessions, and were impressed with our installed DWS 2.0 system, and with the quality of all the machinery and operation. No one could believe that such a cable park was planted in the middle of the desert!

The DACP is made up of a 140x45M pool and the DWS 2.0 system. Our 2 great kickers, box and rooftop will challenge even the most advanced of our riders! For beginners and children there are 2 small kickers available as well. The DACP is open all year round and is operational from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

At DACP we use HYPERLITE AND CABRINHA boards, RONIX, HYPERLITE AND CABRINHA wetsuits and boots as well, and specific accessories (helmets and life-saving vests).