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Dakhla's 1st Choice Surf Destination

  • 2 camps, 4 different types of accomodation

  • Located at the main point of the lagoon infront of Dragon Island

  • Just 7 mins from the Speed Spot (well known for best spot by pros and training spot of the top competitors worldwide)

  • Beach bar, cable park, restaurant, kids club, Watersports Center, Windsurf Centre, spa, ice cream shop and surf shop

  • Biggest Hotel in Dakhla - perfect for groups, teams, families or solo travellers

  • Partnered with North Kiteboarding -  experience the latest 2023 edition equipment

Dakhla Attitude Live Webcam

Check out our surfers in real time at Dakhla Attitude! Keep up to date with the latest wind and weather forecasts too!

Dakhla Attitude Hotel and Facilities