• PK 25 Hotel Dakhla


PK25 is the most chic eco-friendly hotel in Dakhla! The hotel is situated in one of the best spots of the lagoon where you can kitesurf with the wind in any direction.

The hotel has 30 bungalows, each one 6x7m accommodating up to 4 persons.

The cottages are also eco-friendly with walls made from sandbags for temperature regulation and humidity control, whilst the roof is also made from wood and grass to give the cottage a natural look. The interior decor is designed using recycled materials in an urban beach style theme.

Prices (Includes full board)


Single Room €140
Double Room €180
Triple Room €210
Quadruple Room €227
Price includes  

*Price based on minimum of 2 adults
Suitable for children up to 12 years of age.
Low season:6-30 November, 1-19 December, 9-31 January, February.


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