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Dunes De Dakhla Hotel

A new hotel that stands out for its surprising style, see the day to come to fill the nature lovers who want their room to the magic of the dunes of the desert. Dakhla Dunes, coming to life in rustic-looking tents, is part of the traditional style of Moroccan life.

Dunes of Dakhla will take you to a tale straight out of the Thousand and One Nights. Prepare yourself for a unique immersive experience in this desert oasis nestled in the dunes of Dakhla, far from the hassle of everyday life. Under the tents, the soul of the place is distinguished by the authenticity of its atmosphere.

King Bed, private bathroom, Sofa, Shower, 1 sink.

Subdued lights, comfortable sofas and low Moroccan tables will thus make you feel at ease while enjoying a refreshing atmosphere punctuated by dances, and local songs.

The Dakhla Dunes universe, borrowing some of its codes to the thousand and one night, is distinguished by the warm and powdery colors of its furniture and fabrics, traditional patterns adorning the walls of the tents and carpets.

Our guests will enjoy the convenience of living in tents with full bath and luxurious service. This new concept will only delight those who wish to enjoy life in the desert and soak up the beauty of its starry sky.

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Enjoy the wide open spaces of Dakhla, its lagoon and dunes to consolidate strong links closer to nature. With the wind in the back and the sport as a red thread, your stay will be unforgettable.


Enthusiasts can indulge in kitesurfing, paddle boarding or hiking to discover emblematic places in the region such as Dragon Island, White Dune, Puerto Rico beach, or even the Pointe d 'Gold.


Thanks to our experience and our specific lessons, you can start in this fabulous sport, but also benefit from an intensive course to improve you. It does not matter if you are there to discover this sport, to start, to refresh your memory or to progress in kite, we are here to help you and advise you!


Experience the perfect and uncrowded waves of Dakhla. We regularly offer surf trips to the best spots, always according to the wave forecasts to guarantee you the best conditions. We will take you to the surf spot Oum Labouir, ideal place for all surfers, beginners or experienced. 


This is one of the best downwind that you will have the opportunity to do in Dakhla! It is a downwind of 13 km (about 3 hours) to the White Dune. The lifeboat and guide are included. Then we will drive you by jeep through the desert! Only suitable for intermediate and advanced riders.


In order to taste dishes and local specialties, our restaurant offers a culinary journey around Moroccan products and international cuisine that makes it a point of honor to sublimate local products.



6-30 NOV. - 1-19/DEC. 9-31/JAN. 





1 PAX: 75€/Night 1 PAX: 100€/Night
2 PAX: 105€/Night 2 PAX: 145€/ Night